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What a concept! Right?

It is everywhere. Everyone talks about it, the secret ingredient for success, be it in trading, relationships, and happiness. But not many people feel like they fully understand it. Here we will make a short presentation for fellow Spartans on their quest to health and happiness.

Ancient Spartans. Did they have mindfullness? Well probably. They fought and didn’t care if they die, they where unshaken, right? That means they must have had mindfullness.

Well the answer is “perhaps”. Nobody knows for sure. Chances are that they where, but one thing in the process of real mindfulness is that we are comfortable with things we don’t know for sure, and we are aware of the things we don’t know, as well as the things we imagine. We imagine ancient Spartans fighting to the death, keeping their cool, mocking their fearfull opponents. So in this process, we live in the imaginary world we build, and loose our mindfullness. So in our goal for mindfullness, we builded an image and lived the scenes, losing awareness of our own self and mind. Are you confused yet? I hope so, this is the only way to understand things in the end.

Mindfullness is the absence of things. In western culture it is difficult to define the absence of things as something. So in order to define mindfulness we have to forget things. The more we forget the more mindfull we become. So we sit down and forget. We forget what we imagine things to be, we forget what we imagine us to be, we forget what we imagine the future to be. We forget our internal monologue/dialogue, we forget our “must” and “do’s” and “don’ts” After we forget who we think we are, after we forget where and when we think we are, we can be mindfull.

We essentially get rid of the junk of thought momentarily, and we create space. By creating space, we allow for better awareness and novel thought. That’s it. Mindfullness is not “fullness” but “emptiness”. So the western translation sucks. It should be “mind-emptying-ness”

Mindfullness is proven to lead in less stress and better mental and physical health by extent.

A simple exercise would be to sit comfortably in a chair, back straight and observe your breath. Count your breath without affecting it and every 10 counts start over. Focus on the breath sensations and by no means control the breath. Just observe the breath and count it. If you manage to count up to ten, start over. If you loose count, or your mind wanders (it will definitely do that many many times) just start over counting your breath. Sit as long as you want. Repeat daily.

That’s it.