Hold your breath! Or don’t actually.

How important breath is, you can probably guess: You can’t live more than 6 minutes without it. But is there more to the breath than just taking air in, letting air out?

What we know so far is that breathing serves two purposes: Fill…

SpartAcademy Health and Wellness

Calories. Love them or hate them they are king. But even a king needs his queen and his jester or he dies out of stress.

Calories are like satoshis. They never lie and you can program your goals by using them as a reliable metric.

But, as many of you…

SpartAcademy Health and Lifestyle

If there was only one exercise you would do for the rest of your life, that would be walking.

Walking defines us as bipeds and is correlated to our life expectancy. Once we lose the ability to walk, our risk of mortality increases. There is even an association between walking…

SpartAcademy Health and Lifestyle


What a concept! Right?

It is everywhere. Everyone talks about it, the secret ingredient for success, be it in trading, relationships, and happiness. But not many people feel like they fully understand it. …

Sparta Lifestyle Academy

SpartAcademy: Workouts

Ancient Sparta was of course, famous for its martial discipline and effectiveness.

Popularised by Frank Miller’s “300” the Spartan soldiers are nowdays associated with a 6-pack loaded, beefed up man in briefs with a red-blood cloak.

This is an image that inspires awe, and jealousy, and it is…

Sparta Lifestyle Academy

Nutrition was a hot topic in ancient Sparta. There are stories in Plutarch’s work about the famous “black soup” that was a staple in Sparta cuisine consisting of pig’s meat, limbs, intestines and blood. Other than that, Sparta cuisine consisted of food provided by the Mediterranean region. …


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